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2022/2023 : Clea enters the history of London Showgirls and is now the new building poster of the iconic Windmill Soho Theatre founded in 1930s.

2022 : A photo of Clea features in an article about the Windmill soho after they came see the show.

12/2022 : Muse for the French designer Mathilda Mos for her new collection launch party.

09/2022 : An exclusive series of Clea's photos decorate the walls of the famous Parisian club Chez Moune. Photo by Celine Andrea


01/2023 : Clea is the guest of an online

drawing session with hundred of people

around the world.

2020/2021 : Clea is in the official clip video of the French singer Julien Voulzy. And will perform live on stage with him at his concert in Paris.

05/2019 : Clea featured in Gala Magazine. One of the most famous celebrity and fashion magazine in France. An article is written about her and other burlesque artists present them as the new burlesque icons.

2023 : Clea collabore with the pinup lingerie brand Playful Promise.

11/2020 : Clea features in "Backstage Burlesque".

Zora Jurenkova's art book containing behind the scenes photographs of burlesque dancers in the 21st century.

06/2022 : Clea appear as a muse and shibari model in a documentary on Arte French tv about Marie Sauvage and her art.

2023 : Clea modeling for the website of the

London lingerie brand Elfzhou.

02/20222 : Collaboration with the

photographer Konrad Schmidt for

his book "Hotel Noir". 

2022 : Modeling for the website of

the London retro pinup brand

What Katie Did

08/2018 : Clea is the cover of UK the pinup photo magazine Bombshell.

2020 : Clea is the cover of the French Calendar Bonjour Madame. Photo by Solene Ballesta

10/2019 : Clea is invited to Japan by the agency Avgvst to perform during the fashion week in Tokyo for Calzedonia/Intimissimi. An event organised by Vivaci Tokyo.

2018-2020 : Clea collaborates regularly

with the vintage brand from Hollywood,

Deco Haus, known to provides twenties

style dresses for movies. 

08/2018 : Clea is the cover of one of the best known pinup magazines. Including few double pages of photos and an article about her.

2017-2022 : Clea is part of the Cabaret de Clara Morgane to represent the best of the French burlesque. After being on tour with the Casino Barrière all over France, the Cabaret have a parisian residency at the Cesar Palace. Clara Morgane promote the cabaret and the artists on the French TV regularly. Clea is mentioned in both the  TV or in Magazine and can be seen in performing live for the tv show "samedi soir à Pigalle" by Thierry Ardisson.

07/2018 : Clea featured in the pinup magazine Delicious Dolls.

2018 : Collaboration with the brand Mademoiselle X

09/2019 : Clea as shibari model for a

performance with Marie Sauvage during 

the fashion week for the Purple night event

of the parisian magazine. 

2018 : Clea posing with a reel snake for the

cover of the music band Witchthroatserpent.

04/2015 : Clea is the muse and poster

of the world known vampire event

Endless Night.

10/2022 : Clea is the cover of the pinup magazine


2022 : Clea is publish in the first book of the photographer Celine Andrea " Matière Intime".

2017 : Clea is the ambassador of the young Champagne brand LSV. She will also perform for them in a giant glass of champagne at Heavent in Paris (Europe's largest event trade)

2016 : Clea is the model of a fashion student

from the parisian business and fashion school ESMOD. 

08/2019 : Clea features in Yume magazine online.

Photos and video : Arthur Hubert Legrand

09/2018 : Clea features in Pinups & Hotrods magazine.

2015 : Collaboration with the photographer Paul Von Borax for his book "Soombre"

2014 : Collaboration with the photographer Paul Von Borax for his book "Les Baigneuses".

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