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Clea De Velours is a classic burlesque performer requested worldwide, a headliner, a brand ambassador and a muse. 

She began a career as a model photo in 2013. Her sense of aesthetics, her artistic references, as well as her solid training in classical dance quickly propelled her to the rank of experienced model.

This is how in 2015, she started working as a burlesque dancer and was voted in 2019 one of the most influential burlesque figure in the World. Performing for luxury private events in Paris, touring in all the biggest Casino from France, headlining the world best burlesque shows in New York, Los Angeles, Tokyo, Dubai, London, Rome, Milan, Seychelles, Montréal, Warsaw, Berlin, Zurich.. Clea is in high demand everywhere and she is now one of the main showgirl of the legendary Windmill Soho Theatre in London !

For her, it’s all about art and beauty. In admiration of the beauty of the female body, Clea places it at the heart of her work, constantly looking its sublimation, its consecration as the supreme manifestation of beauty and sensuality. She is particularly inspired by the glamorous icons of the golden age of Hollywood and advocates glamour, sensuality, beauty of costumes, attention to detail and precision. In a word, the woman elevated to the rank of goddess.

For the creation of her acts, Clea also draws on all the influences that nourish her. Whether they come from painting, the history of fashion from 1800 to 1960, the cinema from the old cartoons to Films Noirs. But above all, from WOMAN.


Clea explores glamor in all its forms, making her the Parisian showgirl who turns heads all over the world. 

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